Any Other Way

Your voice is rocks

that I have penetrated as I flow over the words you spit

into the microphone

wilted flowers that spasm with a cough

and I built a dam

fingers carefully calculating

“which way?” “what do I do?”

And we all turn to the left and to the right until

you stood up, and we looked at your frozen face

forehead rocks began the deteriorating wave of your body

landing in the stream in front of us

and we fell forward to the kingdom to learn

and felt that this moment was pivotal,

so we turn around and around in place

digging a hole as deep as we could


The world changed flavors,

and the water pelted me unwelcomely

at first

and I drowned rather slow, complete. Aware.

And I built a dam

a rather stupid accident

I meant it to be a memorial to you, rock god

But I ended up becoming part of the moment


If only I knew then,

I was already it.



Rigid Limb

I will dance to honor the water god

she graces my kitchen sink faucet


I’m not like you, I worry

And I’m robotic this way


I am like you

and she gushes with blushes

and we can glide through ourselves


Do Flowers Dream?

Attraction forces the air to seduce

and I find myself in a heap on your lap Making

worlds with you at ease

I bathe on the emotional pollen of Creation-

My mind is a damp place and there’s sticky stuff sticking there

And I wonder if I can outthink the thoughts of my design, that for while I’m here, I’m also in the future and the past of this feeling, but it’s really an illusion because I’m only ever here or I would never trust you. And I’m stupid because I think stupid thoughts and the tree is menacing as it lonely dances in the wind and my feet are growing old looking and I’m touching my skin. It feels cool.

And she shows the color of evolution, nothing proud

And she flows with the eternal moment

unrehearsed, undressed, understood to be physics

And my heart cries with empty places where pockets of meaning used to reside And

you speak to me with meaning in your face that is full of meaning from yesterday And

sometimes I believe it and sometimes

I’m empty.


Walking Home

I’m deciding whether to step or hop

“Are they noticing me?”

The sunshine is all around

I looked ahead of me, eyelevel

I was a little right-heavy

and my curl brushed my cheek

I used air from my mouth

I saw her standing perfect poised beneath a cable box

perched and looking at the sun

She was beautiful and proud

But she was a broken tree branch


A Vision in the Afternoon

Zoomed out

We begin where the girl meets her grandmother-

“Grandmother, what big ears you have”

“better to hear you with my dear”

Grandmother, what big hands you have”

“better to hug you with, my dear”



But grandmother, what big eyes you have


zoomed in

we see their faces, for the first time

The whites of their eyes as they gaze into each other, emotion ceased

and the galaxy unfolds before us

as Carl could attest

we are moving forward




Scratching My Boyfriend

We were sitting, leaning forward to the ground

I was hanging my head in the universe

him, probably a puzzle

I felt myself sliding on love, my face lying below the sun

lazy river days

and as I opened my eyes

lights burst out of my fingertips

or out of my boyfriend’s back

where I touched him