Do Flowers Dream?

Attraction forces the air to seduce

and I find myself in a heap on your lap Making

worlds with you at ease

I bathe on the emotional pollen of Creation-

My mind is a damp place and there’s sticky stuff sticking there

And I wonder if I can outthink the thoughts of my design, that for while I’m here, I’m also in the future and the past of this feeling, but it’s really an illusion because I’m only ever here or I would never trust you. And I’m stupid because I think stupid thoughts and the tree is menacing as it lonely dances in the wind and my feet are growing old looking and I’m touching my skin. It feels cool.

And she shows the color of evolution, nothing proud

And she flows with the eternal moment

unrehearsed, undressed, understood to be physics

And my heart cries with empty places where pockets of meaning used to reside And

you speak to me with meaning in your face that is full of meaning from yesterday And

sometimes I believe it and sometimes

I’m empty.


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