Any Other Way

Your voice is rocks

that I have penetrated as I flow over the words you spit

into the microphone

wilted flowers that spasm with a cough

and I built a dam

fingers carefully calculating

“which way?” “what do I do?”

And we all turn to the left and to the right until

you stood up, and we looked at your frozen face

forehead rocks began the deteriorating wave of your body

landing in the stream in front of us

and we fell forward to the kingdom to learn

and felt that this moment was pivotal,

so we turn around and around in place

digging a hole as deep as we could


The world changed flavors,

and the water pelted me unwelcomely

at first

and I drowned rather slow, complete. Aware.

And I built a dam

a rather stupid accident

I meant it to be a memorial to you, rock god

But I ended up becoming part of the moment


If only I knew then,

I was already it.



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