• it feels like I’m learning how to walk again. I feel full, I think, “I need to write this down,” catch myself not present and practice throwing away the pieces. Each moment I’m reborn and My skin is burning away from the flames of the sun. But the sun does not pelt us from above, oh no. It pelts us from below where we are practicing burning. and we can already study what is because we are looking at ourselves, but what we do not know is being submitted and we will vibrate so fast to so slow. And the faster we get is either a balloon popping or being filled with water. And I practice calming myself and calming myself and a rise voice says, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”

    • if we just listen and let be, you are the world. There need be no explanation.
      We are the solar rays.

    • The layers are peeled like an onion or Titanic’s sinking compartments are filling, the water pouring in and being shut up tight like a drowning man’s lungs and the ship finally sunk. The sea is done being shut up, let the waves roll, baby, and spill the ocean back to Me.


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