Releasing Anger

Patience makes you feel better when you are about to lose your mind and I am losing my mind to anger but I have patience as a golden thread.

Anger makes your hands cold and suffocates you by closing you off at your throat.

Anger makes your eyes hollow and your bones solidify.

Patience feels better. It is a choice.

Learning the virtues has not to be a lifelong study, but it is.

How much pain can we hold onto?

Will the golden thread of light always be there?

I am an infant-

I still cry when I don’t know what’s wrong and therefore I can’t tell you.

But I can cry, and we both know how to handle tears.

But I don’t cry when I’m hungry-because I learned how to eat.

And I don’t cry when I’m tired-because I learned how to sleep.

And I don’t cry when I fall-because I learned how to get back up.

But I cry when the fall is deeper.

And I cry when I’m exhausted.

And I cry when I’m starving.

And the Earth cries through me when I can’t put it into words.

I am embodied anger. And I’m embodied love.

When the see-saw has dipped into either pool any number of times, the two are connected in unity.

I’ve been to my extremity of fear.

I’ve been to my extremity of happiness.

I have visited my extremity of anger.

I have been to the extremity of anxiety. And insanity.

The depths to which these extend is infinite.

The resting place is Harmony.


Sight and Happiness Are the Transitory Vehicles of my Energy


 I came out of my skin, still in

I greeted the stage of where you begin

And absorbed it.


I touched you, or you touched me

And there seems to be Feeling,

A euphoric blanket.


My sight extends through my ears, which we call sound-


                        And happiness dives through misery


Is there a place where I am not me and is there a place where I am?



This is a giant snakehole of Isness and we wave at each other across the dark.