Wednesday evening walk

(when you’re more fulfilled in the moment, you start to enjoy how you feel.You can feel the air going through you, You can feel your eyes moving around in your head, You can hear the sounds of the world. You feel what it’s like to keep your pace steady and to keep your balance and it feels like) You glow up like a tree and the energy that inspires you grows through the soil of your brain and shoots out the top, electric like ideas.


Make Eye Contact

A cold wave laps the damp

warm stillness

on the 

beach of veins in the 

fingertip universe.


The speakers,

ba-bum, ba-bum,



We all collect

in prayer

as focus.  

Worry chokes me, like



I am huge, the electricity

lighting up the edge of

my face, 

flesh to air. 


Where does one stop?