,the son of inspiration

in duality,


How big can you love?


Forgive yourself/Forgive others


What do you want to hear,

my shallow observations sung or

the echoes that bounce off of

my soul?


Only play ping pong with the best.

They are all the best. 


I have come into form as a

crystallization of energy. 


I am vain,usually sick, always trying to stay calm.


Reflections on Smoke


she asked me to dance

    without words, just

an outstretched delicate arm,

maybe too delicate for “outstretched.”


In awe I stood, as she

faded into the night,

taking with her my love and

my happiness. 


How addicted I am,

to fastening the two, to

think in only that light. 


It is to feel at all where love should go.