Creativity Like a Virus

There is pre-birth tickling the edges,

like an infection that needs to spread,

through the translator which

appears like an almost-ready portal

to the next dimension.


I’ll teach you this: When something is bothering you, find the area and practice releasing the strained muscles, the furrowed eyebrows. Practice giving it your attention.

              Attention if you feel that love is too subjective.


Where are you in space?


An Apology

It’s been too long

since I was strong

enough to say,

“this is feeling”

instead of flying 

off the handle.

It’s been too long,

since I was steady

and giving.

It’s been too long

since my gaze has

been serene and

focused, dropped

into the depth of being

instead of frantic

to match my thoughts.

It’s been too long,

since I showed you 

that I love you, because

I’ve been escaping me.

And it’s been too long

since I have met you

in your suffering, and

given you equanimous