Spaces Between

It feels empty afterwards,

like waiting for another,

hoping they catch the extra effort,

your desire to be seen

by them

and only them.

Your desire to be seen

grows when they do not look,

and this is the crux of the madness.

Can we talk about this emptiness inside?



Gumdrop eyes,

or distant memories,

call into now, the familiar feeling

I seek.

You were there, hallways in Time,

addressing me, seeking me,

wanting to know.

You are special this way,

seeking to know,

knowing there is something to know,

stick with me,

I will show you where to be.

  • We are shining jewels,

    on the spherical net.

    Catching light and reflecting

    bits of a brilliant source.

    I call you here,

    with my glistening throne,

    the seat of my power,

    to most, the Unknown.

  • I call to my elders,

    and those I cannot see,

    only feel.

    Like a mirror across from a mirror,

    reflecting you,

    reflecting me

    reflecting you,

    and so on to


    Meet me here,

    to make love

    and magic.

    To look beyond the veil,

    one step forward,

    no steps back.