Gumdrop eyes,

or distant memories,

call into now, the familiar feeling

I seek.

You were there, hallways in Time,

addressing me, seeking me,

wanting to know.

You are special this way,

seeking to know,

knowing there is something to know,

stick with me,

I will show you where to be.

  • We are shining jewels,

    on the spherical net.

    Catching light and reflecting

    bits of a brilliant source.

    I call you here,

    with my glistening throne,

    the seat of my power,

    to most, the Unknown.

  • I call to my elders,

    and those I cannot see,

    only feel.

    Like a mirror across from a mirror,

    reflecting you,

    reflecting me

    reflecting you,

    and so on to


    Meet me here,

    to make love

    and magic.

    To look beyond the veil,

    one step forward,

    no steps back.


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