To Stand Amongst You

I am dying to be seen,

skin flakes and clusters in the breeze,

like the first rainfall dripping on the cracked

lips of a stranded crew on a beautiful

island covered by non-water.

I want you to open to me,

and taste me, let me

quench your thirst.

Show me what is dry.

Cold fingertips and curled up toes,

fetal position,

tears of life draining vitality

~to be missing you.

I am here,

on a stair,


hoping to be noticed.

Do you see me? Do you see me?

I will hold out my hand, for eternity,

palm up,

waiting for you to hold it,

I will die waiting,

unless you find me,

until you find me.

I am reborn with your love,

the phoenix rising from her ashes,

knowing no truth but the here and now.

She is warm and collected

and knows the great Truths.

She will show you Heaven

if you can meet her amongst stars.

She will be sitting on the stair,

reading in the store,

floating in the air,

with her palms up,

to embrace the possibility



Our heroes always have a love story.


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