If you’re sad or mad, go to Tucson.

If you’re fighting with yourself to accept your dream, go to Tucson.

If you’re hungry and impatient and you feel the tide

constantly changing,

your tires are spinning,

there’s no sense in winning,

but you know.

You know that you’re growing,

fertile you arrived and

pregnant you go.

Go to Tucson if you think

no one understands.

No one’s given you a chance,

but you were born to be made,

and Tucson is the shade,

the bassinet, the picnic and

the ants that destroy it.

Don’t disrespect

for she’s spacious and vast.

The Sonoran desert can kick

your ass. She’s

the place of ‘mad strife’,

The Seeker’s delight.

Go to Tucson if you’re willing to bleed

for your soul to be born,

The Phoenix rise from the ash.


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