Debajo de la Luna

Beneath the Moon,

I think of you and how I could have made it better-

Did you feel everything I wanted to do, despite the

calculated maneuver?

I held you close,

to honor the tides Divine,

but I felt too quick,

a desire to please,

I hope you’ll forgive me.

I love you.



You told me I’m your everything, but I didn’t know I was another illusion~

for the takes you make that leave you lost in confusion, the solid steps that look like stages to you~

the final words that leave you satiated in truth.

It’s not my business what you say to me

you say I’m your everything and I’m just what you need,

but you wish it were true but the truth ain’t what it seem,

you like to get lost in me but you don’t wish it were me

it’s just the motion taking you over,

singing your song and justifying sleep,

don’t come back to me in the morning

because I’m a woman with a full and open heart

a woman with breaking weighing on the dawn.

Stay with him tonight, stay with him ’til the dawn.

It’s not my business anymore,

ain’t my business no more.


And In Love

It’s a personal experience, because baby you hardly know, how much I want to see you and how badly I want to let you go.

It’s only me here, waiting for you, believing in the embellishments of a soul wanting, to love and be wanted .

Well, more drunk I’ll get waiting for the proclamation of a love that lasts forever, the kind binds our hands with the lapses betwixt the┬ánoise~

we wait all of our lives for the spaces that show us where we can be-the black hole at the center of our galaxy that is me.

We are mission control avoiding a gravitational vortex~ to emit, a consistently persistent- or a reason to exist.

There is a hole surrounding which no light can persist~ a constant mortal reminder of possible inheritance…

You could be this…or this….

Yet I could not know because my relationship is with Love~ not you, silly boy.

As a woman, we are compelled to look for love and to form it wherever it seems to take hold, like a virus very focused in on the perfect environment.

And I can love myself, with a finger and intention, a woman in possession, of a secret you wish you could get to, and your dick is promised and successful in context, but here I wish you well, for this is the soundtrack to my life and you aren’t here to provide a beat.