But How does that make you Feel? A dramatic poem from 2009

I discovered roller coasters for the first time after I saw my therapist

She told me I had
OCD, DID, ADD, and an eating disorder

stop trying to please others i told her to set herself

on fire I decide to take my damaged ass to an amusement

park and tell the driver I’m allowed I’m 5’4 You’re a whore I spit

on him and jump into the car I defy gravity by myself on this topsy turvy

future mobile I go up and into space ride through cliches until my overalls

Snap off and set me free where i float without medication Snap out of it, you hairy

Slut You never know how it feels to lose control until you’ve lost all control She never

knew with the giant pebbles and water cascading downwards in a freefall And the terrible

feng shui that parts her massive thighs point my eyes into her pant stain while my entire head

falls down for the bottom A sick endless cycle of torture just like

the entertainment

……at a¬†restaurant

……sitting on truck tables at the doctor’s office

…..cutting off death DNA chunks into ‘style’

…..fighting off fever with drive by flu shots

So I count to 5

While I make hot cocoa

and tap the doorway

I try of 4 different pairs of pants

eat an entire bag of Cheetos

and throw up

It’s all situational and relative and ridiculous

I don’t care if some 14 year old wears orange lipstick and

gives her teacher a Flintstone blowpop

Tell me Doctor, what’t the diagnosis for my sick bluish foot

Oh, you’re right, I guess I do need to vacate the premises

The Land of the Lepers exists and we have renamed it “America”


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