There are a Million

Despite the number of stars in the sky,

the grains of sand on the beach,

bilocation, synchronicity,


the feeling of Truth,

there are a million~

a million, incomprehensible to someone like me,

a million possibilities,

of what now could be,

you are where you are.

Can you look around?

Describe the quality.

An empty plate with an ooze of peanut butter,

piles of books and a dirty old speaker,

a couch with a fuzzy blanket~

patches of light adorning half,

messiness reflecting back the

assurance that you have lived,

a face full of concentration or a smile,

psychic energy infused spaces~

merely to ask,

what is your relationship

with yourself?

I’m feeling fine,

finally getting mine,

being fed,

going to bed tired,

waking up when I want,

smoking on the front porch,

wild deer munch below,

wild deer hunch below,

squat low-low.

A million different possibilities,

where do your dreams and reality


Do you feel closer each day?

Does your truth take form

as you fall away?

Door blowing open~

the dream of a summer


Late sunsets,

an eastern breeze,

birds in the trees,

eagles flying high,

picnic in the park,

babies learning how to walk-

on an open beach,

water within reach,

trees touching the sky-

dirty, dirty feet,

minimal clothing,

beating the heat,


a breath of fresh air.

I am a tree,

pouring into me,

from down below,

I am rooted in the hollow

earth, pussy fed,

tingling with delight

between my legs.

The connection

in my dreams-

freshly pollinated



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