Aphrodite and Hekate

I made a new friend last night. We were like co-pilots in fighter flight. I have to admit, he let me down a bit, but he said something smart, a clever retort.

And I wax poetic:

Falling in love is a feeling we cherish, no matter the catalyst. It’s our own, evidence of the kind of emotional potential we have.

We fall in love so easily, our hearts open, dripping with wet anticipation. The trouble is when we try to hold it and rely on it to always be the same.

In essence, it is the same, the force that creates and destroys, the Goddess at the center of it all. But She chips away at us, at different levels, destroying our attachments and giving us new ones, holding the elusive star we forever strive to reach

To know it, to use it, to live forever…



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