It’s Confusing but I think it’s just love

Breaking the rules again, no conjunctions,

I’m sorry my sexy friend, you should’ve kissed me

when I leant in.



There were so many spaces with you~

to fill in with noise~

domestic repose,

you finished with suspicion,

I only want you to see I’m looking.

There was poetry over the the mark,

the silent question on your stomach,

and in your deletion of words

that used to mean something,

something before.

And I stopped in that vastness

of the space you’ve created,

demanding intimacy, authenticity,

where have you gone,

were you not reborn in our love?

A one night stand, you say,

something you don’t do often.

Words are so powerful,

yours crushed my heart.

I love you! Do you not feel that truth?

I have loved many, and I will love many more,

and they are a part of me,

and I gave all of it to you.

A one night stand,

I know you felt me.

It’s not easy,

to love unconditionally,

a person, flawed human,

me too.

Me too.

I write this for me and I wrote this for you~

but don’t think equality.

This is breezy, not easy,

and I wasn’t teasing.

I felt you right away,

and I want to explore

you more.

I am not a whore.

Though you may think my loving

eazy might be sleezy.

You said over and over,

“knock on my door, it’s always ajar”

before I shared with you fully.

Oh, desire, Cupid’s arrow,

you hit me once more.

The little boy, with the bow

and the string, striving

to be a predator.

I will show you what lies there,

I’ve seen it in your stare.

But don’t shut me out.

But you shut me out.

I understand,

I forgive you.

It’s hard becoming a man.

But you must know how you broke my heart,

how I don’t offer myself to any tart,

I only give what’s asked of me

in any given moment,

like a little bit sullen,

or a joint mixed with mullein.

I want you to know it’s hard to pull back.

I want you to know not to worry,

I’ve been through this before.

And I won’t show up with my bags

at your door.

You’re scared of commitment.

I totally get it.

You may not realize it,

but I already have some part

of your heart,

and that means the world to me,

with it,

we can create symphonies.

We can be together when the tide

comes in,

and leave when it comes apart


It goes deeper than you comprehend,

the voice of absolution,

the molecules of your bright chagrin.

It takes time,

and I will find out if you keep your word.

But now I need to be heard.

You dove right in,

then jumped right out.

And now I have so many fantasies,

of what we could do,

with the door wide open.

Oh, I want to touch your

milky skin,

and dance a smooth rhythm,

of not holding back.

I have to admit,

I feel like a drug fiend,

fed a little bit of fix,

but now I want to play with the mix.

“Let us be lovers, we’ll marry our fortune together.

I’ve got some real estate here in my bag.”

Eventually, we’ll call this “good sex”

and not attach too much meaning to it.

Eventually, I’ll grow up,

but for now,

let me have my illusion

of love, glorious love.

But I want you to know,

one night stands aren’t really my thing either.



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