Help me, Goddess!

Oh, help me Love, for I fall prey!

I have climbed my way to the top,

But what I find,

she won’t be caught.

She won’t be figured out.

I am a soul who is

food for the predator.

Becoming weak in Your grasp,

destroyed under Your reign.

Oh, Sovereign Queen,

point the sun in my direction

on my face, fill in the space, for

I want to receive.

Every month I give you my sacrifice,

and every month you crown me your Queen,

to do your bidding,

Standing on your Earth, solid at my feet.

But I am all yours,

a depth so deep,

for you to fill all of me,

it is endless for

I am not contained.

But when I forget,

come chip away at me.

Rid me of all I am that is not you.



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