Die For Your Art

I see your apparition in peripheral vision:

two eyes stacked with precision~

You see my move before I give permission,

and when I decide to look, you are gone like a cat,

taking my heart-shaped fantasies along with your cute act.


They say it of top regard to stand on your feet,

but what about us born with wings?

Being with you is like constructive debauchery.


Attached I am, and you know, you call it ego,

I call it soul.

With you,

I could live in a cold distant shack,

and keep looking back.


It is rare to meet someone who gets off on love,

who does not scoff at love.

Maybe you are my angel muse, destined

to break me. Oh! Your spell is strong,

for you I could do anything at all.


Please leave me alone.


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