One Day


It is so hard to ride amidst the exhaust,

function on fatigue,

eat out of boxes,

drink chemical water.

You say, “it could be worse”,

but it’s dying slowly. We are dying slowly.

One day,

The air will be clean,

and it will be safe to breathe.

I won’t need to wash my hands of grief

coming home from the supermarket.

I will lie naked and safe

in the vast green wilderness,

this microcosm of matter.

It’s simple really~

when did hate fill the gaps?

It’s simple really,

though you tell me it’s hard,

maybe impossible,

that one day, Mother will call us home,

and nurture us in everlasting Truth,

Joy and Love,

tough and pleasurable.

That day is now!

I scream,

and I can show you how to touch it, to live it!

But I am just one body, one little thing,

that craves the fresh air to breathe,

that longs to see you happy,

to eat juicy fruit and

to care for each other.

Where we love our aging,

and madness is reserved

for the shaman.

One day, I won’t have to wash my hands

of the psychic filth floating through the air.

One day, I’ll breathe from a mountaintop,

and drink fresh water.

One day, I’ll see an Earth,

thriving, delivered, reborn,

the way she begs to be.

I can only dream of it,

from pictures and movies,

what nature untouched by “progress” is.

And no wonder so many have given up,

lost to survival mode,

human animals in the concrete jungle.

Our way was lost long ago.

Those of us here now have

inherited an order that does not

serve, except to destroy.

The revolution is one of the heart,

and it can only be born like a Phoenix,

from the ashes of tragedy and ache.

But how long will it take to learn?

It can’t stay this way.

One day…




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