THis might be the Only good Thing i Have ever written

How do you start a fire, start a fire, Little Boy asked.

It starts with some tension, resistance and motion, friction in our hands, Big Man answered,

It starts with an ember, an ember, a smoldering of light.



A smoking delight

and we make it through the company of lovestrangerlove,

through the kindredship of similar desire,

so we toss and we toil and we share the sacred sweat,

until the most miraculous thing comes!

A spark of energy from out the void,

a tiny fire,

emitting the most curious combustion!

Heat, heat, drawn to the fire like a moth to the flame~

Creation! Purification! Desire!

Spidery-something woven with our sweat and unification,

so much not out of nothing,

but our creation.

Tension in the space between a gaze of lovers~

And then we take turns blowing wishes into the ember,

and gather dry Earth to serve as sacrifice,

and then we dance like semen circle ’round an ovum.


How do you light a fire, the initiate asked the wise old man.

You start by generating heat, or electricity,

with only the energy at your disposal, the beats of your heart

and the spaces between,

a push/pull binary rhythm ticking with the compass hand directed to Soul.

Then you go out and you show others the Soul.


Then she lifted the lip on the veil of the tent,

and under the energy of a half-lit moon she whispered to her sisters,

“How can we light a fire?”

And we work at making conscious all the phases of the moon,

the new with her motivation

the birth quarter with her action,

the full with her fertility,

the death quarter with her wise council.

And we be radical with our sexiness~

learning how to tough love and love

on scale with harmonic rhythm,

and we take it to the streets,

and for the select within the sheets,

and for the few, for those who burn the brightest,

we have a special room, locked deep within,

so deep you become an innerstellar explorer,

so deep you have your license in the Astral realm,

to places that defy the spacial bias of nearfar.

And slowly but mightily, we bring gifts from there,

ones that harmonize with the Earth,

ones that have evolution written in DNA,

made of fire,

once we know it,

we begin to court it,


we toss everything into it, to see what is left,

to see what is stronger than fire,

to see what endures beyond flames~



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