Let’s Be Real

The qualification is measured by,

can I fall apart in front of you?

One by one,

two by two,

they fall away from my mind.

There is but one or two I could

comfortably fall,

but I suppose it depends on

how far deep I fall.

Is it so sad I hug my lover?

who will become the womb

for my nourishment

and the tomb for my despair.

Is it so sad I hug my best friend?

who will hold space as I sob,

responding to my needs as

they are cast aloud.

Is it so sad I hug my family?

Who are always there if I truly need them.

Is it so sad I collapse in public, in front of strangers,

the way I righteously fall to the floor in madness,

sadness spinning out of control,

pounding my fist to the pavement

as a witness to emotion that drives you over the cliff with only

survival instinct urging you to hold on.

Is it so sad that for at least a moment, all of our humanity is exposed

and we take off our masks and be real with one another?


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