That Which Haunts Us

She told me I’d ruin my eyes reading those paperbacks in the dark.

She told me I’d ruin these eyes by reading blogs in the dark.

Laptops carry their own light, ma.

It was too light(late) for adaptability.

The best version of myself,

is so important people have

made their profession showing me how to find it.

The best version of me,

I tell them,

is after a drink. Or a smoke.

Have you read the news lately?

People don’t have water. People are sick. People are dying in the middle of the ocean. People are burning.

The Earth has smoker’s lung,

did you see the before and after?

It is grotesque.

Mama, what’s beautiful that’s left?

Your heart, my baby, your heart. You are the best person I know. Don’t ruin those eyes.

I dreamt I gave birth prematurely~

baby was smart, baby constructed a shell out of a snow globe ’til she was big enough to go outside by herself. I let her go. I let my baby go.

We are the accumulation of biological ingredients: a recipe that writes words of poetry.

We are capable of great change, for better or worse. Who’s to say?

don Juan Matus says we are on the active side of infinity. A sorcerer is immortal.

A sorceress too.

Some words express ideas that do not exist in time,

and that is impenetrably eternal.

don Juan Matus says the inner silence,

he says the inner silence,

he says.


Does it matter so much what I do?

Today I can breathe.

I have something inside of me. I have something inside of me,

my own personal dish to bring to the potluck.

Silly tangly tendrils trying to make spaghetti with you, on a fork.

Let’s go.

It is life to be filled with grief and possibility.



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