Drain You/Love is the Answer to all the Terrible Shit

Don’t you know,

I want to drain you of everything.

That I am this dry receptacle wasteland without you?

I don’t wanna waste you,

spilled cum on the floor to be wiped away

just won’t do,

just like I don’t leave my blood


Why am I the only one who wants to

jump in the flames? I am brave.

You are scared,

your voice shook,

reverberating from your emotional

body into your heart.

I want all of it. I can take it.

But you are always scared.

Can you imagine what it means

to be the Earth and desperate to create different dreams?

Do you know how desperately you

need to give?

Can you admit it long enough to surrender?

To surrender more than once?

To be constantly surrendering?

It is so easy for women, the

orgasmic fluid circuit machine,

to feel it all. But men can

only see her, experience her,

through increments of giving,

not of his wallet,

of his expectations. Of his control.

And his release is getting a taste of the Heavens.

Plant medicine came from the Earth

when man cried for the divine,

for the Goddess,

for ecstasy,

for release.

And we find in the plants the feeling of home.

It is the mothership.

Where have the Feminine Arts gone?

We need to be the spider whose web

is a silvery, crystally rainbow castle

that we cannot wait to bring guests to,

not a dark sterile hag who tortures like a tyrant

because she has encased herself in cement,

but to lead with a chain of flowers,


Take your pick.

They told us that seeking divinity

was a sin because there is no way

we could be as holy as God.

They told us prayer and true spirituality

were a waste of time.

They told us what they were told.

They were showed that religion and fear were synonymous.

They attached the state to it,

and in the name of God decided what was holy,

based on an ethical morality of the kind of

human who is isolated, Alexander standing, staring,

looking over at the kingdoms of the world he conquered,

contemplating his jump.

Entrapment is the way of true love’s sinister sister.

And we listen because she seems like she has total control.

To hell and back.

Life is a journey to hell and back,


trialed and errorerd,


In other words,

move to the places that scare you.





Feed women.

May women learn to hunt.

It’s the only way we can begin to worship true divinity and un-tap the power of potential.



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