No Words Necessary

There is a cross hanging from the rearview mirror of his truck and I wonder if he sees the cross as a hard dick, penetrating and abusing the Earth and women. Does he pray?

It has been my experience that a majority of men do not actually love women, or at least they don’t show it. Some know they need women and resent this so they hate-love women.

The proper way to love women is unconditionally. The proper way to love anybody is unconditionally.

I am a collection of stuffs every-changing with an aura that spans yards. You can seduce me before my conscious mind senses you. You have. You do.

Open me from the outside, slowly, meticulously, careful not to miss any. See me unwaveringly. Penetrate me with your stare. No words necessary. Love me enough that the kill you seek turns into a good fuck. Intense and purposeful.

Don’t make me give directions, make me beg. Let me have access to every part of your body that is capable of pain and meet me there with resistance. Make me scream your name. Make me intoxicated with you so I sing your praise throughout the day. Make me know you’re mine.

Tell me, don’t ask.

Touch me with your words when you do decide to speak.



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