To Embrace Life as Cognitive Dissonance

I am old in a young body.

I am young in an old body.

I am carefree and beautiful,

deficient and stuck.

I want to throw it all to the wind

and I want a mortgage.

How can I be in two places at once?

How can I be one person wanting something else?

What have I done so far?

Is there anywhere but here that I would be better at being myself?

Is it true that I am here right now because I need to be? Because the universe is bigger than me?

Or is there somewhere else I should be?

I am a tornado. I go deep in place and then spread out.

I am not winter. I am not spring.

Is there a better place for me?

I don’t think I believe in fate anymore.

Except that we’re in charge of our own.

And the next right step is forward in any direction.




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