Major League

There is this great game we all play. It’s called something like, “Who can be the most distracted?”

And the happiest win.

My body grows thicker with fever while the Earth burns.

You tell me to be more positive.

The Earth dying is compartmentalized, along with every other thing we are incapable of processing because it is just too tragic. To let it in all at once would consume us.

So we go on, and we focus on the things we can handle, the ways we can make a difference. Like taking the trash out, or helping someone relax.

Isn’t this the way it’s always been, though?

To ease the pain of tragedy, we cope…

we smile and dance in spite of ourselves.

We hold each other as the world ends.

We witness one another.

This is the way the world ends,

this is the way the worlds ends,

not with a bang,

but with a…


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