In A Dream

In a dream last night,

words fell from the sky out of raindrops and snowflakes,

falling as deep black ink out of the atmosphere,

into words splash! on a page.

It had one rhyming stanza,

and another not.

Like all true poetry,

it feels like light wind

on your hair

and goosebumps.

The words fell like pure experience

birthed into being, but

eternal like birth

and rebirth.

The words fell in the dream,

and I could not capture them.

For I am a

clumsy poet.

For wind to exist in a form

requires a particularly skilled

poet to get out of the way.

I will have to try again, but not today.



Woke up from a nightmare~

lovers combat obstacles to be with each other,

tattooed names on their chests.

They were hot.

I woke up, alone again, reading articles like, “Remember That You Are Enough”.

My ferry man along for the ride,

my desperation and longing feeding unreconciled daydreams~

here I am, still, on the same roads, in the same town.

Is my lover on the bus, face pressed against the pane,

watching me basking in the glow of a sunrise?

Is my lover another sacrifice away, seeing me out of the periphery,

walking with a big backpack towards freedom?

Will my lover arrive here, where dense barricades of memories and anchors

compose my aura?

Surrounded by my personal comforts, the reminders of the road more travelled?

And it doesn’t matter,

as the sunrise rises and the clouds look just so.

The light appearing beyond the mountain range…

It will all be okay.